Koperasi Jasa Siswa Bangsa (KJSB) is a cooperative of students for students that is professionally managed and formed as an umbrella for the entire unit of Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s educational programs. KJSB guides and ensures the students’ development over the course of their education and career so they can reach their goals.

To maximize the potential of each of its members, KJSB provides a range of services which includes Personal Development Progress Monitoring, Life Skills Training, and Networking Opportunities. KJSB also provides the first education financing facility in Indonesia forstudents who demonstrate excellent academic and leadership

One of the main objectives of the cooperative is to provide a guiding hand to its young by Nurturing and Tracking the development of their members all the way from their Student Years on through their Professional Careers.

By emphasizing the “giving back” philosophy and mutual cooperation to its members, KJSB invites them to help improve education access for the next generation of students. The philosophy is carried out with the goal of providing equal access to a quality higher education for their fellow young Indonesians.

  • Vision

    To be the first sustainable education financing provider in Indonesia targeting potential future leaders with strong moral character and social responsibility to build Indonesia as a globally respected nation.

  • Mission
    • Providing Sampoerna School System with bright and high potential to success future leaders from underprivileged background
    • Providing access and financing to students of Sampoerna Academy Boarding School and Sampoerna University
    • To ensure members and alumni participate in the sustainability of Koperasi Jasa Siswa Bangsa financing programs

    Soft Education Financing is a financing scheme program granted to bright students planning to attend high school and/or college university. KJSB collaborates with Sampoerna University Career Centre to provide access for Internship and Job Opportunity for their members. Soft Education Financing is developed by KJSB, a strategic partner of Putera Sampoerna Foundation that has years of experience in financing for high-achieving students. The repayment only starts upon students’ completion of university study.

    In academic year 2015/2016, we provide the Soft Education Financing for:

    • Sampoerna Academy Boarding School graduates who will enroll at Sampoerna University
    • High school graduates who will enroll in Engineering programs at Sampoerna University
    • Junior high school graduates who will enroll at Sampoerna Academy Boarding School

    Koperasi Jasa Siswa Bangsa
    Sampoerna Strategic Square - North Tower, 27th Floor
    Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 45 Jakarta 12930, Indonesia
    T. (021) 577-2340 F. (021) 577-2341
    E. info.kjsb@sampoernaschoolssystem.com
    H. 0856 9278 8370